Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh the places I've been! Part 2

I met up with my husband in Milwaukee. His company treated us to a Brewers game. We found our friends Peter and Deb there. Deb was Tristan's 4th and 5th grade teacher and was fabulous. And I do hope she doesn't cringe at my grammar and sentence structure in these blog posts!

My sister happened to be at the game with her co workers so had a little time with her also.

The best part of the game is seeing which sausage wins.

I was in Milwaukee less than 24 hours but I managed to do lunch at Culvers with a friend. Take that In N Out!!

Supper was so very healthy also- Shepard's in Berlin.

Spent a lovely evening at the Kelbert's lake home. I failed to get photos of our hosts.

Nikelle figured out how to put "Bouge" in stereo mode.

Shower #2 was in Sun Prairie at the Choi home. Another yummy cake- the no sugar diet had issues at all these social events.

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E sisters

Amoolya was only 6 weeks old when her family came from India to stay for 18 months. Well that was 11 years ago!

I finally got to meet my 2 newest great nephews. Handsome dude, Reid and his mama Kaylyn….

And stud Jackson and most of his mama Jessica.

Also met the good looking Zane with his mama Karli

The 3 guys and mamas.

Gerald the Giraffe was the one item Shane felt the nursery really needed. actually he always wanted a huge animal for  himself! So of course we had to get it for them.

And look how happy he is!

After a week in WI we headed to Minneapolis with Tristan. We met our grand dog daughter Marlowe. She was a great walking buddy and bed buddy. 

So pretty!

Loved my walks by these falls….

and by the mighty Mississippi.

I planted flowers in CO,WI and MN. I felt a bit like Johnny Appleseed!

Loved our time with this couple- Tristan and Brooke

Played some fancy mini golf in Edina.

Breakfast downtown with Tristan at a yummy crepe place.

Tristan works right here downtown Minneapolis. And that's all folks- next trip to the Midwest will be in August to meet our very first grand baby!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Oh the places I've been….! Part1

Packing for this trip involved lots of baby stuff. Here are all the baby items I crocheted for little Bouge. (Bouge is the temporary name of our grandson currently residing in Nikelle!) I flew to Denver for baby shower #1. I left on a Tuesday and Dave flew to WI on Thursday for work. We would meet up eventually!

The babies racing to Uncle Shane. Grayson is 11 months and Oliver is 9 months. They are Nikelle's siblings' children and very social and adorable!

We had great fun listening to the heartbeat and Summer felt that talking loudly through Nikelle's belly button was a good plan!

I get pretty excited when I see thunderstorms in the forecast!

Hats were some of the decor for a safari-jungle based shower.

Turned out very nice with some help from Randy for stability issues.

Cutie pies! Oliver and Grayson

So cute! Made by one of the family friends.

Guest of honor and my double first cousin/sister Lynette that lives  south of Denver.

The last guests remaining at the shower were my relatives Ainslee, Alyssa, Nikelle, Lynettte, Kylie and Natalie who is from Wisconsin. Yes Enges and Wisconsinites know how to party!

The grandmas

Found some Curious George books for Shane to read to his son. Family tradition! I have many more shower photos but your eyes may glaze over and this is only the first shower!

The Winberg family had photos taken the morning we left. We call this one Colonel Sanders and family! Actually Ryan, Katie and Oliver.

Mike, Summer and Grayson Smith

Nikelle, Shane and the bump.

We headed out Saturday AM and stopped for the night in Lincoln, NE. We got to meet this little fellow. Breck Hellevang.

A little thrill when I saw this sign…… TO BE CONTINUED…...

Monday, May 12, 2014

The desert blooms as paradise…..

…..when God is with his people there. Everyone is free to read this post but it will make the most sense to those who have experienced one of our 4 day conventions. Those special 4 days of the year used to fall in Sept for us when we lived in Wisconsin. We would wait with great anticipation, prepare our hearts,bake cookies, gather clothes, pack the camper and head to the Wisconsin Dells area. And this is what it looked like…..
     When we moved to S.Cali we heard much talk among our friends about the new convention grounds that was being worked on out in the high desert in the "town" of Shelter Valley. It was a run down campground/RV park. We went out there on a work day that first April we lived here. In the 1 hour 20 min drive we drove through citrus groves, Indian reservations, mountains and then desert. We saw sleet, snow, rain and a rainbow. And we arrived to be greeted by sand, tumbleweeds, scraggly trees, 40 degrees and gale force winds! Dave and I looked and each other and said, " This seems like a crazy place to have convention." But we were also given a warm welcome by people who had a vision of how to transform these grounds. So we pitched in and did what we could.
     This year we had the privilege of attending the first convention at Shelter Valley which had a population of 300 before we tripled their population for 4 days and nights. It was a nearly perfect place to have convention- quiet (except for the wind), separated and peaceful. The RV campground is called Stagecoach Trails and has a western feel. This was on a stagecoach route back in the day and the names of the various sleeping quarters reflect that: Texas, New Mexico, Frisco…
We rented a camper and off we went …..

Dan N. greeted us and helped everyone find their campsite or their dorm.
Inside the big white tent which was specially designed for high winds.

When the tent is removed that area is once more a fenced in basketball court.

Looking toward the lodge- some of the dining tables.

Ha- caution tape around the cactus!

Looking at the lodge where the food prep was done and the veranda where the 2 tray lines were set up. Everyone who was able went through the tray line (including our ministers) and then found a place to sit or stand.

My friend Jane was one of the salad people.

Yummy biscuits for breakfast- convention is very carbilicious!

The resident cookie monster in the bread/cookie department.

The kitchen where the best and most varied convention food I ever had was prepared.  Lovely to have fresh strawberries and oranges every day.

The view from our campsite

Dave and I had fun jobs serving on the tray line. We worked with these two special people- our dear friend Hyesoo's brother Ryan and his lovely wife Ane.

Many of you know this lovely young lady-Jacinda who is also a WI native. She served water, tea and coffee. Somedays the drinks even had "sparkles" in the glasses- otherwise known as "sand"!!


Some of the young children and early teens.

The Grant family who helped make all this possible and who welcomed us to their property.

Simple, serene and perfect. Although we almost had meeting canceled due to high winds! But we happily lived  and ate outside for 4 days here. And most of all we were fed spiritually.

This little cutie Greyson P. was busily adjusting all the drip lines to the plants!
Yes, thank you we would love to come back next year!