Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh the places I've been! Part 2

I met up with my husband in Milwaukee. His company treated us to a Brewers game. We found our friends Peter and Deb there. Deb was Tristan's 4th and 5th grade teacher and was fabulous. And I do hope she doesn't cringe at my grammar and sentence structure in these blog posts!

My sister happened to be at the game with her co workers so had a little time with her also.

The best part of the game is seeing which sausage wins.

I was in Milwaukee less than 24 hours but I managed to do lunch at Culvers with a friend. Take that In N Out!!

Supper was so very healthy also- Shepard's in Berlin.

Spent a lovely evening at the Kelbert's lake home. I failed to get photos of our hosts.

Nikelle figured out how to put "Bouge" in stereo mode.

Shower #2 was in Sun Prairie at the Choi home. Another yummy cake- the no sugar diet had issues at all these social events.

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E sisters

Amoolya was only 6 weeks old when her family came from India to stay for 18 months. Well that was 11 years ago!

I finally got to meet my 2 newest great nephews. Handsome dude, Reid and his mama Kaylyn….

And stud Jackson and most of his mama Jessica.

Also met the good looking Zane with his mama Karli

The 3 guys and mamas.

Gerald the Giraffe was the one item Shane felt the nursery really needed. actually he always wanted a huge animal for  himself! So of course we had to get it for them.

And look how happy he is!

After a week in WI we headed to Minneapolis with Tristan. We met our grand dog daughter Marlowe. She was a great walking buddy and bed buddy. 

So pretty!

Loved my walks by these falls….

and by the mighty Mississippi.

I planted flowers in CO,WI and MN. I felt a bit like Johnny Appleseed!

Loved our time with this couple- Tristan and Brooke

Played some fancy mini golf in Edina.

Breakfast downtown with Tristan at a yummy crepe place.

Tristan works right here downtown Minneapolis. And that's all folks- next trip to the Midwest will be in August to meet our very first grand baby!!!